February 15th, 2021

The women’s sustainable underwear company that radiates authenticity in its connection to nature and celebration of sisterhood.

In the spirit of summertime and the sweet scent of daisy fields, the founding mothers of Pansy began their journey with the ideal underwear in mind – encompassing minimalism in production and aesthetics; comfort, beauty and ethically sourced materials. Laura Schoorl and Rachel Corry soon gave birth to a sustainable underwear brand made by women, for women.

Credit: Nastassia Bruckin via Pansy

Pansy’s attentiveness and care beams at first glance, through the brand’s refreshing tone of voice. You’ll find sunlit images of women lounging in a field, sitting in underwear and on a white cotton sheet; all surrounded by wildflowers and fresh fruit. Their selection of models is conscious as it embodies the everyday woman across a wide range of race and body shape spectrums but so seemingly effortless, breathing authenticity and heartfelt intention in every shot.

Made from organic cotton, milled and sewn in California where their studio is based, Pansy underwear underpins comfort and beauty in its material, and dreamy colour palette. The pieces appear in muted, pastel tones and the pigment is achieved sustainably, through a small batch dyeing process using non toxic, compostable fibre reactive dyes that bind smoothly to the cloth. This process creates slight colour variations as transparently outlined on their website, but arguably those variances add to the brand’s charm and bespoke nature turning what could be considered hiccups in production into sweet personalised surprises upon arrival.

Credit: Nastassia Bruckin via Pansy

When they do arrive, the garments come packaged in organic cotton jersey bags made using reappropriated fabric scraps from the clothing production line; and invoices are printed on dead stock paper from a local creative reuse shop. The customer is then encouraged to recycle those and reuse the bags as they please, although bundles of lavender and fresh fruit seem to be the best fit in line with the Pansy’s nature loving aesthetic; a perfect way of allowing their ethics to be followed through effortlessly by the consumer themselves. It’s a brand that thinks sustainably and encourages us to do so.

A quick scroll (although you might find yourself lost in Pansy’s magical world) through the brand’s beautifully curated instagram and website will showcase a selection of commissioned photographs and ethereal short films in collaboration with other artists, which not only allows them to further explore their calming and artistic visual language but also amplify the voices of up and coming creatives. There is also a special attention and platform given to female artists of colour within these commissions, which in addition to their vocal approach to the BLM Movement, paints the picture of Pansy as not only ethically responsible but socially and politically aware.

Credit: Nastassia Bruckin via Pansy

In a business landscape where political awareness, sustainability and diversity are becoming increasingly performative, it’s refreshing to see a brand that has been nurturing these ideas from the very beginning of its existence; and whose conscious awareness and intentions are so clearly pure, keeping their audience and themselves at the forefront of what they do. 

The mothers of Pansy have therefore in a way, become the mothers of the consumers themselves, teaching us about comfort in wear and in our skin, love for the environment, sweet sisterhood, and bliss. 

Written by Luci Pina, Writer and Illustrator.

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